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June 2014
Under the influence of the rather active southwest monsoon that intermittently prevailed over the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand associated with the monsoon trough during mid-June and active low pressure cell that periodically covered the upper Vietnam and the Gulf of Tokin, Thailand occasionally received abundant rainfall almost all areas and thunder storms were reported in some areas. The amount of rainfall in June 2014 varied with above normal in most areas i.e. northeastern part 22.2 mm (11%), eastern part 17.7 mm (7%), southern part (east coast) 10.1 mm (9%) and southern part (west coast) 45.9 mm (15%). While northern and central areas were below normal rainfall 28.0 mm (18%) and 19.1 mm (13%), respectively. The total rainfall over Thailand in June was 2% above normal. However, the accumulated rainfall from January 1 until June 30 was 20% lower than normal. Monthly mean temperature was slightly warmer than normal over Thailand and hot weather still persisted in upper Thailand especially in early June.
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Issued at July 9, 2014
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