"Heavy to Very Heavy Rain over Thailand "

No. 19 Time Issued : September 28, 2012
        The intense monsoon trough lies across the lower Central, the upper South and the East and the strong southwest monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, southern Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand. Abundant rain is expected over Thailand with isolated heavy to very heavy rain in the Central, the East and the South. People in the risky areas and flooding areas should beware of severe conditions during few days. The strong wind-waves are likely 2-3 meters in the Gulf of Thailand the Andaman Sea. All ships should proceed with caution during 28-30 September 2012.

       At 1900 LST today, typhoon “JELAWAT” over the Pacific Ocean east of Taiwan with maximum sustained wind about 175 km/hr is moving to Okinawa and Japan during 28-30 September. Tropical storm “EWINIAR” east of Japan with maximum sustained wind about 90 km/hr is moving northward away from Japan. Both of storms have no effect on Thailand.

       The advisory is in effect for Thailand from 28 September 2012.

        Issued at 10.30 p.m.



       (Signed) Somsri Huntrakul

       (Miss Somsri Huntrakul)

       Director-General, Thai Meteorological Department