Monthly Weather Summary
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December 2562
The continuation of high pressure areas from China which extended to cover upper Thailand throughout the month caused cool and cold weather, particularly during 6-11 which was the lowest temperature of the month with cold weather in almost of upper Thailand and very cold weather in several areas of the northern and northeastern parts. In the mountainous areas and mountain top, the weather was cold to very cold and reporting in some frost areas. However, mean monthly temperatures were above normal in all regions. For rainfall, the average total rainfall over Thailand was about 62% below normal and the monthly rainfall was above normal in all parts especially scanty rain was observed throughout the month with monthly rainfall was 100% higher than normal over northeastern and central parts. However, unusual rainfall was reported in northern and northeastern parts during the end of the month due to the passage of the westerly trough to the upper of northern and northeastern Thailand during at that time. In southern Thailand, the active northeast monsoon prevailed over the Gulf of Thailand and southern part during the beginning and the middle of the month caused plentiful rainfall occurring along the east coast and flash floods in some places.
Issued Date January 22, 2020