Monthly Weather Summary
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August 2560
August 2017, the weather in Thailand was hotter than normal while most of Thailand received plentiful of rain nearly the whole month affected by the periodically active southwest monsoon prevailing over the Andaman Sea and Thailand throughout the month accompanied with the monsoon trough lay across the lower northern, upper central and northeastern parts in some period. Moreover there were 2 tropical cyclones having some effects on rainfall of Thailand during late August namely “HATO” (1713) and “PAKHAR” (1717). The average total rainfall over Thailand in this month was about 8% above normal and monthly rainfall was above normal i.e. northern part 15.5 mm (7%), central part 51.2 mm (28%), southern part (east coast) 32.7 mm (26%) and southern part (west coast) 97.3 mm (24%) whereas northeastern and eastern parts was below normal 2.6 mm (1%) and 26.5 mm (9%), respectively. More details on the weather are as follow:
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Issued Date September 19, 2017