Monthly Weather Summary
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February 2563
In February 2020, the weather condition was periodically dominated by the high pressure area from China which extended its ridge to cover upper Thailand almost the month. In addition, the prevailing of the westerly wind in the upper level over the northern and upper northeastern parts during February 4-6 and the passage of the westerly trough over the northern and northeastern parts during the middle of the month. These caused cool weather over upper Thailand with cold weather in several areas in upper northern and northeastern parts, especially in the mountainous areas and mountain tops that experienced cold to very cold weather. However, the heat low pressure cell covered upper Thailand during late month, temperature was relatively increased during daytime and hot weather occurred in several areas in Thailand that considered as the beginning of summer on February 29. For rainfall, there was scanty rain in the northern, northeastern and upper central parts whereas unusual rainfall was found in Bangkok and vicinity and also in the eastern part due to the prevailing of the southeasterly wind. Southern Thailand received intermittent rainfall especially during the middle of the month that obtained abundant rainfall due to the strong easterly wind. Monthly rainfall was below normal in almost parts of the country i.e. northern part 10.1 mm (97%), northeastern part 18.2 mm (98%), central part 7.7 mm (63%), eastern part 19.7 mm (68%), and southern part (west coast) 16.8 mm (61%) while there was above normal rainfall in southern part (east coast) 13.2 mm (38%).
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Issued Date March 20, 2020