Monthly Weather Summary
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June 2560
Under the influence of the active southwest monsoon over the Andaman Sea and Thailand during early month, the low pressure cell over the Bay of Bengalmoving to cover India and Bangladesh during the first half of the month associated with the low pressure cell covering the Gulf of Tonkin and upper Vietnam during the second half of the month.These caused intermittent abundant rainfall in Thailandwith thundershower and flash flooding in some areas. However, monthly rainfall was lower than normal in almost partsi.e. northern part 2.0 mm (1%), eastern part 38.4 mm (15%), southern part (east coast) 8.8 mm (8%) and southern part (west coast) 9.0 mm (3%) whereasnortheastern and central parts was higher than normal24.5 mm (12%) and 27.7 mm (19%), respectively
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Issued Date July 12, 2017