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22.0 °c

Very Cloudy Sky
Wind Sp 7.4 km/hr
Dir 220
Rain 17.5 mm.
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Weather Warning
Tropical Depression in South China Sea
No. 1 Time Issued November 17, 2018
At 1.00 p.m. today (17 Nov 18) tropical depression overs the middle South China Sea, locates at latitude 11.0 degrees north longitude 110.5 degrees east with the sustained wind about 50 km/hr. It is moving west-southwest at a speed of 18 km/hr. Expected it will move to the south of Vietnam or the tip of Indochina on 18-19 Nov, then weakened into a low pressure cell. And will move into the Gulf of Thailand through the middle South to the Andaman Sea during 19-21 Nov, The Surat Thani province down to Narathiwat more rain and heavy to very heavy rain. People in the area should be aware of the impact of the severe conditions. During 19-21 Nov, the northeast monsoon prevails over the Gulf of Tha...more

  General Situation    at 16:00 November 17, 2018  
The moderate high-pressure over upper Vietnam and the South China Sea affect the humidity gathering in upper Thailand due to the southeasterly winds. Outbreaks of thundershower will be possible over the North, the Northeast, the Central and the East regions. The easterly wind prevails across the Gulf of Thailand and the South with outbreaks of continuous rainfalls over the area. People should beware of severe conditions. The low pressure cell in the middle South China Sea develop to tropical depression. It is expected that this storm will move to south of Vietnam and weaken into a low pressure cell before entering the Gulf and southern Thailand during 18-20 November 2018 causing more rain and Some heavy rain. ...more

  7 Day Weather Forecast   November 17, 2018 - November 23, 2018  
During 17-21 Nov, The moderate high pressure from China covers Vietnam and the South China Sea cause the southeasterly winds bring the moist air into the lower Northeast, the East, the Central, and the North regions. Thundershowers are likely occur in the upper Thailand. During 19-21 Nov, the active low pressure cell over the middle South China Sea becomes tropical depression and will move pass lower Vietnam. It is expected to downgrade to the low pressure before moving to the Gulf of Thailand and the lower South. More rain and isolated heavy rain are likely over the areas. During 22-23 Nov, another moderate high pressure area form China will extend to the upper North, the Northeast and the South China Sea. Isolated thundershowers in the first after that temperature drop 1-3 °C. ...more
Issued Date November 17, 2018