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  General Situation    at 22:00 May 21, 2018  
The southwesterly winds prevail across the Andaman Sea, and the southerly and southeasterly winds intensify over the Northeast, the Central and the East. More rains are forecast for the country while isolated downpours and gusty winds are expected for the Northeast, the East, and the South. People should beware of accumulated rainfalls and heavy falls.
  Bangkok Metropolis and Vicinity Forecast    From 23:00 today To 23:00 tomorrow  
Cloudy with scattered thundershowers. Isolated heavy rain and gusty winds. Minimum temperature 25-28 °C. Maximum temperature 33-36 °C. Southerly winds 10-25 km/hr.
More Details Issued Date May 21, 2018
  7 days Weather Forecast   May 21, 2018 - May 27, 2018  
     During 21 - 23 May, the southwesterly wind prevails over the Andaman. The southerly and southeasterly winds prevails over Thailand. More thundershowers and isolated heavy rain with gusty winds are forecast for the areas. During 24-27 May, the southwesterly wind prevail over the Andaman the South and Thailand will strength . Thundershowers are forecast for over Thailand and isolated heavy rain.
     During 21 - 27 May, people over Thailand should aware of heavy rain and accumulated rainfalls. All ships should be procedure with caution in thundershowers areas.
Issued Date May 21, 2018
  7 day Weather Summary   May 14, 2018 - May 20, 2018  
The westerly trough moved to cover the northern and upper northeastern parts accompanied with the southeasterly wind prevailed over northeastern, eastern, central and southern parts during early week. After that, the southerly and southeasterly wind prevailed over the mentioned areas. These conditions caused rainfall in Thailand throughout the week with thundershower and gusty wind reported in several areas. Hot weather nearly the whole areas of upper Thailand almost the week.
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