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19.0 °c

Partly Cloudy Sky
Wind Sp 7.4 km/hr
Dir 120
Rain 0.0 mm.
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  General Situation    at 04:00 September 23, 2018  
The low pressure cell covers the Andaman Sea while the easterly wind prevails across Thailand. Outbreaks of continuous rain will be likely over Thailand with isolated in the lower Northeast and the East. For other regions, the rainfall is reduced. Typhoon Trami overs Pacific Ocean. It is forecast to move across Taiwan during 28-30 Sep. All travelers should stay tuned for the weather update. The storm does not have a significant impact on Thailand. ...more

  7 Day Weather Forecast   September 22, 2018 - September 28, 2018  
Weather Forecast: During 22 - 23 Sep, the low pressure cell covers the lower Gulf of Thailand cause more rain with isolated heavy rain in the East and the South. The easterly prevails across Thailand. Outbreaks of continuous rain remain over upper Thailand. During 24 - 28 Sep, the southwest monsoon prevails across the Andaman Sea, the South and the Gulf of Thailand is weaken. Less rain is likely over Thailand. ...more
Issued Date September 22, 2018